Staff and Management training courses

Leading Landlords can offer bespoke training courses for your staff and managers these will be on your site and can cover any aspect of working in the licensed trade. From cellar management to line clearing, serving customers, dealing with trouble, setting your prices to stocktaking you name it it we can teach it.

A typical one day course held on you site will cost £700 for up to 10 attendees that is just £70 per person, additional numbers are charged at just £45 per person

All course are bespoke to your training needs and a designed with you the customer in mind. The only limit on numbers that can attend will be size of your establishment and the fee paid.

To view a full list of the subjects we can cover please see below.

    Select from the following
  • How to buy - a pub 18 pages on how to buy a pub, a site on how to run a pub
  • Cellar management - complete guide including how to keep real ales
  • List of cellar services numbers
  • Dispense problem guide - got a fault? find the solution
  • Pub Types
  • Business Plan - what you need to put in to one
  • Line cleaning - complete guide including when and how to perform the clean
  • Setting prices - how to set you prices and work out GP%
  • Employment advice - including employment law
  • Boosting trade - tip on how to boost trade, not just quiz night and live music better ones than that!
  • HACCP - a 23 page guide to Hazard Annalist Critical Control Points a must for every establishment
  • VAT - make it work for you!
  • Dealing with competition - what to do and what not to do!
  • Hazard analyst - a guide on how to write a hazard analyst plan
  • Finding your break even point - vital for any business
  • Dealing with a drugs problem - and a guide to the main drugs with user symptoms
  • Serving customers - do's and don't's of serving a customer
  • The law on cocktails plus recipes - using cocktails for profit the law is on your side
  • Law on price lists - there are laws on what you must show in your price list
  • Law on menus - where to put them and what must be on them, and what not to put on them
  • Employment law - sections on key points of hospitality employment law - do you know about tips?
  • Staffing - choosing the right staff
  • Licenses explained with downloads of forms - all the forms you need on one page plus advice
  • Glasses - which to buy and looking after them
  • Setting up a bar - how to do it correctly
  • Keeping real ale - full guide learn the basic of keeping real ale, stillage, extraction rod and back bar methods
  • Changing BIB - guide on how to change Bag in Box products
  • Stocktaking - including how to do your own a guide on how to count all wet stock
  • Going limited - how to protect yourselves should things go belly up
  • Bank charges - how to reduce or avoid them
  • Dealing with drunks - what to do if things go bad violence and how to deal with it
  • Stopping staff fiddles - spotting and stopping staff fiddles including till dippers
  • Pub Teams - the importance of your teams
  • Machines - the law on AWPs and other machines, guide to licenses and permits
  • Bingo in pubs - the law on bingo in pubs and clubs
  • Poker in pubs - the law on poker in pubs covering stakes and prizes
  • How to run a quiz night - guide on how to boost numbers at your quiz nights
  • PRS and PPL explained - you have to pay them the law explained
  • Underage drinking - including acceptable forms of ID picture examples
  • TENS explained - how to apply and the law on TENs
  • Smoking ban law and tips - smoking shelters building and placement and law on the ban plus downloadable signs
  • What insurance you need - a guide to the insurance's you need to run your business
  • Advertising tips - how to advertise correctly and its importance
  • How to see in deliveries - not as simple as you might think
  • Obtaining discounts - how to get those important discounts
  • Other funding sources - brewery loans and other funding sources
  • Tenancy and lease agreements explained - what to look for in those documents, terms explained
  • The importance of the brewers barrel - the wet trade runs on it!
  • kitchen advice - how to help your kitchen
  • Opening night advice - how to open for the first time
  • How to research a pub - how check out a pub - is it worth buying
  • Cash handling and till set up - how to handle all your cash
  • Banking - get it right and save money
  • Cellar gases guide - what gas does what and where it should be
  • The Police - what they can do for you and what they can do against you
  • What are legal promotions and what are not - not all drink promotions are legal
  • Music in pubs - the noise it makes and your staff
  • The stages of getting drunk explained

Obviously time constraints will limit the number of topics we can cover on any one day so please select carefully, let us know your needs, numbers dates required and location and we will be happy to provide you with a fixed quote.

We will require a deposit around the time of booking please call us for more details and to discuss your needs.