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If you are managing a pub or club either as the owner or an employee then this subscription is for you it covers just about everything you need to run your back office. It even includes a weekly quiz of 50 general knowledge questions plus picture quiz.

You receive a free weeks trial which will give you access to all our articles plus a free HACCP Guide, editable employment contract template two general knowledge quizzes and two picture quizzes instantly and are yours to keep no matter what happens. You will receive downloads of all our helpful software and guides after you have fully subscribed.

Every week members will receive their quizzes plus from time to time free bonus quizzes will be sent to you. You will also receive news articles keeping you up to date with all that is going on in the licensed trade.

All members also have access to a private support ticketing system which gives them the opportunity to ask us for private advice on any aspect of running their establishment.

So what to you get access to?

In the free trial you will have access to our knowledge base which covers the following subjects.


    Employment essentials
  • Details of the current minimum wage
  • SSP and SMP rates and rules
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Staff - selecting the right staff
  • Eligibility to work
  • References
  • Staff training manuals**
  • Risk Assessments
  • Staff fiddles - spot and stop

Cash and Stock

    Cash handling
  • Setting up your till
  • Cashing your till

  • Stocktaking Software**
  • Price setting Software**
  • Setting Up a Bar
  • How to work out correct prices
  • Dealing with deliveries


    Advice on the following
  • Premises license
  • Personal License
  • Helpful form downloads
  • Mandatory Licensing Conditions
  • Frequently ask questions on mandatory licensing conditions
  • Varying a premises license both major and minor variations
  • PPL and PRS
  • Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Orders
  • Late night Levy
  • Live Music Act 2012
  • Temporary Event Notices (TEN's)

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Cellar management

    Cellar Management
  • Cellar Management guide**
  • Line Cleaning Guide**
  • Glasses
  • Suppliers
  • Dispense problems
  • Technical Service Telephone Numbers

How to Boost Trade

    Tips and advice on boosting trade
  • Trade boosting ideas
  • Advertising advice
  • Bingo is allowed in pubs
  • Playing poker in pubs
  • Serving Customers
  • Music
  • Cocktails for profit
  • Hosting a Quiz Night
  • Dealing with competition
  • Drinks promotions and the law
  • The importance of cleaning
  • Playing Spoof for profit

Your Kitchen

    Kitchen in your pub
  • Registering for food
  • Christmas - starting early
  • Late night refreshment
  • Menu law - the legal requirements
  • HACCP guide free download
  • Up selling

Other legal

    Other things legal
  • Fruit machines MGD
  • Fruit machines code of practice
  • Price list legal requirements
  • Gambling - betting slips
  • Insurance's you need
  • Smoking Ban
  • The Police and their powers
  • Going Limited
  • Dilapidations who pays for repairs?

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Other helpful Information

    Other useful advice
  • Brewery Loans

Downloads you'll receive during free trial

    Free downloads in first free week
  • Employment Contract template
  • HACCP guide
  • Licensing forms
  • 2X 50 question general knowledge quizzes
  • 2x Picture quizzes
  • Lottery syndicate checker

Downloads for full members (after free trial)

    Full members downloads
  • Stocktaking software wet
  • Stocktaking Software Dry (Food)
  • Pricing Software
  • Break-even point finder
  • Till cashing software
  • Full Staff Training Manual
  • Line cleaning guide
  • Cellar management guide
  • How to buy a pub Guide
  • Free general knowledge quiz - every week
  • Free picture quiz - every week
  • Bonus quizzes
  • Tie breaker question sheet

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