Buying and running a Pub, Bar or Club without taking any advice is no easy thing the pitfalls are numerous as are the dangers. Yet many people rush into the Licensed Trade often carried away with the romantic notion that running their own Pub is going to be the best job in the world. The reality is often somewhat different and frequently leads to the loss of livelihood, savings and home in one foul swoop.

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The big problem with letting their heart rule their minds is that many wanting to enter the licensed trade find the pub or bar they wish to run first and then jump in both feet first without as much of a thought about their suitability to run that pub or even the viability of the business. It is very easy to be drawn into a bad deal when you are a) inexperienced b) blind to any potential problems c) receiving biased advice. The only solution is to seek independent advice, something that is easier said than done when it comes to the Pub trade.

Our experience (and we have over twenty years of it) teaches us that the foundations of good business are laid well before its doors are flung open to start trading. We have learnt that thorough research, sound business structure and correct business model selection are the key elements needed to give a fledgling pub business the best start in life.

It almost goes without saying that some semblance of knowledge on the licensed trade is also needed. This needs to be far more reaching than that gained whilst obtaining a Personal Licence or from working behind a bar. Understanding balance sheets, pricing including what Gross Profit percentages are and how to set them are key elements. Volumes of red tape relating to Health and Hygiene, Employment Law and regulations relating to Pub Measures all have to be complied with. Then there are the legal requirements of a Pub or Bar Price List and all the regulations covering even a simple Menu to consider.

Running a Pub is almost a twenty-four hour seven days a week occupation. Landlords and Landladies often have a heavier workload outside the opening hours of their establishment. Cashing up, Banking, ordering change and the like are all done out of sight of the general public. Line cleaning one of the most important jobs of any bar has to be fitted in. Our two day course will tell you not only how to clean your beer lines but when to clean them to increase sales.

Stock must be delivered, checked in and rotated almost daily. Invoices have to be checked and cost prices monitored and Stock Takers have to be accommodated. Bookkeepers' and accountants met as well as brewery reps and all kinds of officials have to be kept happy. The phone seams to never stop ringing throughout the day with sales people then during the evening it still keeps ringing this time for customers.

Keeping the pub interesting to the customers also takes up an awful lot of time with events to be planned music to be booked, quiz nights to be organised not to mention birthday parties, weddings, engagements, retirements, leaving do's and the one you get least notice of and are given very rough ideas of numbers on - Funerals - having to be hosted.

Many new to the pub trade never consider how they are going to manage their time yet alone run the business until the very last minute and frankly their lack of preparation shows and in turn damages the long term prospects of the business. Everyone in pub management are being scrutinised by both staff and customers alike all the time. There are very few professions like it. Stay up stairs for a night off and its assumed you have had a row or are ill, come down and drink tea and not alcohol then there's something up with your beer, put the prices up more than the chancellor say's in the budget and you're robbing your customers; the list is endless. You are never more heavily scrutinised than in the first few weeks of opening for it is during this time that customers make their decisions as to whether they are going to support you or leave you. So you can see the importance of training, planning and professionalism right from the start.

Try to pick it up as you go and muddle through this crucial time and you have probably started to sow the seeds of your doom. If you do not take our advice and choose not to attend one of our help entering the licensed trade courses that's fine by us provided you seek advise and support from someone else. After all nobody in their right mind would jump into a deep, fast flowing river in order to learn to swim. Would they?

Please spend a few minutes taking or quick test on how much you think you know on the licensed trade.