A Consultancy Company

Leading Landlords is an established business that can draw on over twenty years experience within the licensed trade. We specialise in teaching those wanting to enter the licensed / pub trade on all aspects of running a bar. From those wanting to be Pub Owners or Bar Managers we have provided entry level training and offer full support post training.

We also carry out licensed trade business reviews for those already in the licensed trade that are finding that their pubs, bars or clubs fortunes are on the wane. Our review service can be discrete and is always confidential.

Some years ago we recognised that many lucky people were fulfilling their dreams and taking on pubs and bars only to have those dreams shattered when they were forced to close because the venture failed. The reasons for so many failings were inexperience coupled with a lack of support. Many could have survived but could not source the help they required or indeed they sadly buried their heads in the sand and let the business die.

Our passion

Leading Landlords actively seeks to help all in the licensed trade. We are passionate about pubs and clubs our mission is to keep as many of them open as we possibly can. We know that some pubs are just not viable and that they are still being kept open by large pub companies who find new tenants to subsidies their profits by encouraging them to invest good money into bad pubs. Some pubs have changed hands many times in just a few years, yet still more and more tenants are found for them. Each tenant never makes a profit, looses all their money trying to pay the rent and inflated beer prices with the pub-co knowing all the time that they will fail.

We are not so naive as not know that no business's success is set in stone but we can spot when someone is pulling the wool over another's eyes. Often our advice leads to just one thing happening, the removal of the business mans enemy; "rose tinted glasses". Though sad to see, the shattering of persons dreams, it is often the best thing that can happen to them. Better to spend just a few pounds now learning about the trade than loose £75,000.00. plus later learning the hard way.

Supporting the Licensed Trade

As a company we try to help all those in the licensed trade, our membership system is designed to help people at all levels in the licensed trade. We also offer on site training for staff, relief management cover, business review service, trade boosting services, pub holding services private advice on how to buy a pub or bar, management advice for private members clubs.

We aim to help keep all pubs, bars and clubs open. We have learnt from our past mistakes and aim to pass on our knowledge to as many people in the trade as we can.